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Autosol® Polish in a Can Item # ASOL4

Autosol® Metal Polish in a 750 ml ( 33.3 ounces )can.UPC 4004982011005

Autosol® Metal Polish is ideal for all metals and is also effective for polishing plastic and fiberglass. Autosol® Metal Polish is a super shine formula which provides extremely high gloss. It is ideal for a wide variety of automotive, industrial and household applications.

Autosol® Metal Polish will provide a mirror like finish on musical instruments as well. It is effective at cleaning all types of metal surfaces such as chrome, aluminum, copper and brass. Not recommended for use on gold or silver.

It is also important to note that AUTOSOL® is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and has very low ammonia. High concentrations of ammonia can cause long-term stress cracking in metals. It is a commonly used ingredient in metal polishes because it's inexpensive and is a powerful cleaner. AUTOSOL® has enough ammonia to produce a good result, without causing damage to the metal. This is why conservation experts and museums around the world recommend AUTOSOL® for the cleaning and care of historic metals. AUTOSOL® metal polish is recommended by the conservation experts at the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village for restoration of historic metals. AUTOSOL® is also recommended by Motorcycle Consumer News and Classic Auto Restorer, both of which are independent publications that accept no advertising in order to remain unbiased.

AUTOSOL® metal polish is uniquely formulated to meet the exacting needs of today's modern plastic industries. AUTOSOL® primary use is on aluminum surfaces and hard chrome plated steel rollers, that are prone to plastic residue build up, commonly called " plate out ", during the extrusion and molding process. AUTOSOL® offers an economical and effective means to obtain the desired result in less time than other polishing compounds.

Cut down time and increase machine run time with AUTOSOL®, the only mirror finish metal polish specially formulated for the plastics industry. Ideal for thermoforming molds, injection molds, blow molding molds, extrusion dies, extrusion chill rolls and more!

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