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20 Wenol Metal Polish 3.98 Ounce Tubes (100ML) Item WENREDT10

20 Wenol Metal polish with surface protection in 3.98 ounce (100 ML) tubes. UPC 4053700360376 As seen on TV, in leading magazines, and at several hundred car, truck and motorcycle shows.

Wenol Metal Polish is a unique gentle metal polish that gives all bright metal parts a high sheen finish. This quick restorer is packed with gentle cleaners that SAFELY reach deep into metals - where stains hide - and get them out! Wenol quickly removes surface rust, oxidation, animal stains, and soap and hard water spots in just minutes.

There's no need for hard rubbing. Simply apply a SMALL amount of Wenol Metal Polish to the surface evenly, or to the polishing cloth, and rub gently. Then, use a soft, dry cloth and buff the cleaned area to a brilliant new shine. May also be applied with power buffers. On tough stains, rub slightly longer - NOT HARDER. You'll be delighted with the fast, professional results Wenol delivers.

Not suitable for anodized aluminum, painted or plated metals. WENOL cleans, polishes, and protects in one easy step to quickly restore your metals to new again. Wenol can be used on wet surfaces.

Recommended For All Blank Metal Surfaces: Aluminum, Brass, Copper - Chrome, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Stainless, Magnesium, Tin and Pewter. For Best Results: Clean metals first with original formula Wenol Metal Polish (in the red tube). Finish to a true "Show-Quality" shine with new Ultra-Soft Wenol (in the blue tube).

Who Uses Wenol Metal Polish ? Wenol works excellent on cars, trucks, and motorcycles and are highly popular for show, street and classic automotive vehicles. There are avid users among marine, aviation, and fire stations. For around the home, Wenol works good on musical instruments, antiques, jewelry, gold, silver, sports equipment, bathroom, crafts and hobbies. Wenol also finds favor in the janitorial area for restaurants and hotels because it preserves as well as polishes.

WENOL can remove surface rust. On heavily rusted areas apply a small amount of WENOL with your finger tips of your nitrile gloved hand. This spreads the polish evenly and keeps your hands clean. Let the Wenol polish work for for 20 to 30 minutes. Then apply a small amount of polish and rub briskly over the rusted area with a soft cloth or soft paper towel to soak up the rust. Do a final buff with a micro fiber cloth. Pits and scratches cannot be removed.

Polishing and cleaning patterned areas and designs in metals can be made easier by rubbing WENOL into a polishing cloth first. This will help eliminate the polish build up that normally settles into crevices and corners. Deep cleaning of these areas can be accomplished with a soft horsehair detail brush and SMALL amounts of polish. Wash any remaining residue with warm, soapy water and buff dry.

Wenol also has been shown to remove light to medium utensil marks from Fiesta, Stangl, fine china and other pottery that has an intact glaze. It also will help to remove discoloration from these items. This product is made in Germany.

Keep any polish out of the reach of children.

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